Why the user needs Kaspersky Customer Support ?

Kaspersky offers one of the best antivirus and internet security services to the users worldwide. It has become a very well known among the top antivirus programs. Whether you have a Mac or Windows computer, Kaspersky provides full cover. They also have antivirus solutions for mobiles as well.


Installing and using Kaspersky is pretty easy. They have designed the software in such a way that it is easy to handle and manage. But, it is a software program after all and sometimes (even when it is very rare) you may run into some troubles. In that case you will want to contact the Kaspersky Customer Support. Also, you may need to contact them if you have any general questions or inquiry. But, before you call them, you will want to look at some common questions and issues.

How can I buy Kaspersky antivirus program?

Buying Kaspersky is very easy. Here is what you need to do:

-Visit their website and choose the desired product
– You will need to mention the number of devices on which you wish to use the license.
– Once you have mentioned that, you can click ‘Buy Now’
– This will redirect you to the Shopping Cart page where you can provide the billing information

Now you will simply need to follow the onscreen prompts to buy Kaspersky

How can I install Kaspersky antivirus program?

Before you begin the installation, make sure you check the system requirements. If you have bought a new computer, it is very likely it already meets the system requirements. In case you are not sure you can visit their website to know the details.

You also need to uninstall any incompatible software from your computer before you install Kaspersky. You can find the list of incompatible programs at

Once you have bought the product, you will have an account with Kaspersky. You can download the installer from your account. Run the file on your computer to begin the installation.

Installation process is fairly easy and straightforward. You will just need to follow some on-screen prompts. You will also need to provide the activation key.

Why is it important to update the Kaspersky antivirus?

Installation alone does not guarantee full protection. You need to keep your antivirus program up to date. The virus definitions change and they need to be updated for complete protection. Once you have installed Kaspersky antivirus, you will be notified about the updates whenever they are available. Make sure you install the update whenever it is there in order to make sure your computer is protected.

My Kaspersky is not scanning the computer

If the antivirus program is not scanning properly or not scanning at all, restart your computer. In most cases this should fix the issue. However, if restarting doesn’t work, you may need to uninstall antivirus and reinstall it.

If the problem persists even after reinstalling you may need to contact the Kaspersky Technical Support. They have an experienced team with the desired expertise to help you with your issues.


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