How to Troubleshoot Some Common Belkin Router Issues

Belkin is one of the top manufacturers of connectivity devices. Belkin routers are used extensively in establishing commercial networks. They are also used in the home networks. If you are experiencing any difficulties with the network, you can contact Belkin Router Technical Support. Here are some of the common issues and questions users have.


Belkin Home Network: How to Power Cycle

If you happen to lose the internet connectivity on any of your connected devices (or all of them) power cycling could help you restore the connection. In fact, the very first troubleshooting is to power cycle the home network before trying anything else. Most of the times power cycling fixes the issues and you don’t need to call Belkin Router Support. Here is how you can do that:

  • Make sure that all the devices connected to the home wireless network are turned off. If there is no power switch on the device, you will need to unplug them from the power source. Now you can start turning the devices on in the order given below:

1. Turn the Modem ON and allow it some time to establish connection with the ISP. It should not take more than a minute
2. Now turn the Belkin router on and wait for a little while for the power light to stop blinking
3. If there are any wired devices, turn them on first and check if internet is working
4. Now you can turn the wireless devices one by one and check for the connectivity

Configuring the Router

Once the router has been configured and set up, you usually don’t have to reconfigure it for a very long time. This is why most people forget how to configure the router. If you have recently changed the internet service provider you will need to reconfigure the router. The challenge is that router settings could be pretty complicated and they are different for different ISPs. Most of the times, the ISP will help you with the configuration. But, in case you need to do it on your own, you will need to first get the connection details from your ISP. If you are experiencing difficulty setting up the router, you can contact Belkin Router Customer Support.

Belkin routers offer a web-based page to set up the device. You can make use of the advanced features, customize the settings, and configure the router from the web page. The default IP address for the Belkin’s routers is, which you can type in the address bar of the browser and hit enter to access.

How to find the version and model number of the router

When you call the Belkin Router Technical Support, usually the very first thing the tech representative will ask you is the version number and model number. The model number is usually in the back (and sometimes on the bottom too). It is preceded by “Model:” or “Model #”. The model number is followed by the version number. If you don’t see the version number along with the model number, it means that you have router with version 1.


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