Feel Free to Contact Lexmark Technical Support for Any Printer Related Issue

Lexmark is a Chinese-owned imaging company which is based in the United States. The company is well known for manufacturing top-grade printing and imaging products. Founded in 1991, the company has come a long way to become one of the leading providers of printing solutions to businesses, organizations and individuals.


There is no denying that Lexmark produces top quality products. But, a printer is a combination of digital and mechanical parts and thus can develop defects. Lexmark Technical Support is there to take care of all your issues. However, you don’t need to call them for all the problems. Some of them can be resolved with DIY tricks. Also, if you need some general information, you can visit the Lexmark website.

How to download or update the printer firmware?

It is important to keep the firmware up to date so that you never have problem printing from online sources, such as Google Print. In order to check the current firmware version, you can open the browser on the computer and enter the IP address of the printer (the computer and printer must be on the same network). Now you can go to Reports and choose Device Information.

If you need to download the latest firmware, you can visit the site Lexmark Printer.

You will need to choose your printer model and then click Submit. If you have a laser printer, you will see the firmware readily. For inkjet, you will see 3 options. You need to choose based on the type of computer you are using (Mac, Windows or Linux)

Once you have downloaded the latest firmware you will need to update it. You can do that very easily. Simply open the browser again and enter the printer IP address (again make sure computer and printer are on the same network). Now you can go to Settings and choose Update Firmware.

What Exactly is Lexmark Connect Program?

Lexmark Connect has been wrongly defamed as a spyware by the competitors. It is true that the company collects the information regarding the operations of the inkjet printer. However, Lexmark takes the information only when the user has consented to participate. It will collect the details including ink usage, number of printed pages, and frequency of printer use. By collecting this information the company aims at understanding the printing habits of the customers so that they can make their products better.

Why is the Wi-Fi indicator light blinking green?

This happens when the printer is trying to connect to the wireless network. If everything has been set up correctly, it takes only a few seconds to connect. But, if it has been blinking for too long, you will need to contact Lexmark Technical Support team. There is a chance that the INA is not yet linked to the access point even if it is configured. The mismatch in the security settings between router and access point can also cause this issue. Sometimes when the Wi-Fi signals are very weak or the device is out or range, you see the green blinking light.


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