Windows 10 Disk error “File record segment is unreadable”

This might be the worst situation, where one encounters the risk of losing all its important data in a single act.Some users reported that they are getting such type of errors that make them aware about their hard drive’s failure in advance. “File record segment is unreadable”is one of such errors.On the other hand, it might not give an advance warning in some cases.

Windows 10 Disk error “File record segment is unreadable” 

File record segment is unreadable

If your Windows Computer had started showing any such error, then you should do the following things; 

1) Copy the data of your hard drive into an external one

A good cloning or imaging software as well as a good quality external disk is needed here. When troubleshooting is in process, you can copy the data into external hard drive to protect it from data loss. But for all this, a new hard drive having a sufficient amount of space able to hold all the data and also have some space left for the job to be done later is required. 

2) At the time of Booting, perform a chkdsk scan

Click Win+X, then open Command Prompt from there. Write down the below shown command, then click Enter: “chkdsk /r”

A message prompt, asking your desire to check the disk error on next restart. Click Enter after clicking Y.

The chkdsk scan will be performed by the system, whenever you start your PC for the next time.

There are two chkdsk command line parameters available to help you:

  • /f :It will fix the detected errors
  • /r :It will identify worse sectors and try to recover the information.
  • When /scan not specified /r implies /f. 

3)Attempt the Data Recovery freeware

If the problem is not related to the physical damage of the hard drive, there are some known data recovery software products available to help in recovery of data. They are well and good in case they help to recover the data or else they are worse.

If the tools are helpful in recovery of data, attempt to format the drive and test if it is usable now or not.                                                   

 4) Link the hard drive to a different Computer

Possibilities to save all the data are very less in situation of physical damage of the hard drive.  But then also one can try to make efforts to rescue some files or data either by making use of a hard drive enclosure or by internally connecting the drive.

Try to recover as much data as possible, if after connecting to an external computer you found them easily accessible.

It is best; to previously retrieve as many files as you can and then immediately changing your hard disk, remembering the fact that the Hard drive failure may be destructive and results in worse condition of the unreadable sections of data further.

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