5 Popular Windows 10 Apps for Sports Lover

Some people are this much addicted to sports that they not only watch sport but also feel it. Each and every score, action, etc means a lot to them. Hence, a true lover of sports do not want to miss any point, even would not like to wait and see the results on the news later. Receiving the updates at the right time is very important for them.

Including an app for sports and its related information in the mobile phones and computer’s apps is seems useful.

Windows 10 Sports app

Concerning one’s computer or mobile version, below are some famous sports apps that are region specific.



The ESPN app covers about each and every possible sport including not only international sports but also events of local sports as well as the sports that are less familiar to the folk, making itself the most famous Windows application for providing sports news. In addition to the live updates, news, scores of every latest minute, some other modified practices for users such as sign up and add favorites or to check the history, etc are also offered by the app. Although the app might bug the system by allowing advertisements yet it is fast and fine. It provides smart and easily accessible interface, recording one’s doing and enhancing one’s experience.



The Eurosport application is also the most famous one but in the European region, as it is limited to this region only and does not work outside Europe. For example: this app would not work, if you want to catch the football match going on in Spain by sitting in Brazil. Moreover it doesn’t cover the local sports. On the other part, more than 150 blogs on one single day comprising each and every major sport is published by the app, in addition to providing and recording (for later watch) series of live matches on its own. Ensuring that one can watch the match later easily, if because of some reasons it is not possible at present.

 MSN Sports


Although MSN Sports is new in the field of sports yet easily accessible and fast. Series of live matches is not offered in this. There is no need to login to customize the app and to add favorites. The record is linked to the device on which the app is installed and the uninstallation of the app would results in its deletion. Including NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB, Football, and Soccer, approximately 150 leagues are covered by Sports app.

Yahoo Sports


This is the easiest one to use out of the sports apps series with a fine interface and a pleasing front view.  What you want can be checked with few taps here. Similar to other apps, they offer sports news, options to add favorites. If you allow the small ads that hardly bother you, the apps appear to be free. The apps provide the facility to incorporate with your social media account, like add-on. One attractive feature is that the users can easily hide the sports that they don’t like using an option provided by Yahoo sport apps. Apps on football, cricket, etc are included under the series.

Watch ESPN


ESPN app’s edition, Watch ESPN is measured as the excellent application for streaming sports that permits live streaming of matches but can work in limited countries. However record matches from the first world leagues.

Every app has its own advantages as well disadvantages. There are chances that you might not get the stream sports even when you are ready to pay for it, if you are present out of Europe or North America. Hence, test out the app’s functionality at your location.

Ellie Williams, the writer here is one of the most active and devoted learner and writer. Her learning, writing on technical topics provides a better and efficient knowledge to her readers as well as our website viewers. Support for windows 10, Microsoft support, Support for Outlook and others are topics on which she worked for our website.


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