‘Beddit’, a sleep-tracking app gained by Apple

The media said in its report that ‘Beddit’, a sleep-tracking app and device has been acquired by the US tech giant Apple. But it also stated that up to now, the terms of the deal have not been revealed.

'Beddit', a sleep-tracking app gained by Apple

Beddit is an app and sleep system provided by iPhone to observe the everyday sleep habits by placing this lean and flexible sensor device below the sheet on the top of the mattress.

On Tuesday;CNBC,an American basic cable, internet and satellite business news television channel, owned by NBC Universal reports that, Beddit has maintained a contact for customer support on its website which suggests that the customer experience will not get changed.

Apple had obtained Beddit, this is also stated on the basis of the its website updated privacy policy.

As per the updated Apple privacy policy individuals’ personal information will be gathered, used and disclosed.

Beddit can also gather information such as respiratory data and heart rate and further can share it with health app of Apple.

According to US-based public health institute Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, “the Sleep-monitoring app investigate new actions or events in the health and wellness market, this proves to be an interesting and prospective health application for Apple Watch. Approximately, 50 to 70 million adults of US are suffering from wakefulness or sleep disorders”.

Beddit, a Finland based company was founded in the year 2007; in funding, it has also received $3.5 million.

Before this, a famous iOS tool named “Workflow” allowing users to computerize/ease the complex processes by bringing together the functionalities of various apps,was also gained by Apple.

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