Error Detection

How to Use Checksum for Files on Mac

Checksum is a small-sized data to detect the errors that may introduced at transmission time or at storage time.Mainly used to verify the installed file and check that if any changes have been made to it,along the way or it perfectly matches to the version that the website intended to be downloaded.

 There is a requirement to compare your file to the one presented by the same website from where it has been downloaded, as soon as your file’s checksum is determined.Hence before starting, ensure that the information is actually provided by the host website.

Firstly, search your terminal across the Launchpad and open it.Once it is opened, followed by typing “md5” preceding the directory location of your file. Example:If we have to check the file “installgoogledrive.dmg”, situated in the download folder.Hence, either follows the path looking like: “/Users/hdomanski/Downloads/installgoogledrive.dmg” or let the Terminal Window to paste the directory path automatically by simply dragging the file into it.

Then, to execute the command, click ‘Enter’. A series of numbers and letters followed by ‘=’ sign will appear in front of you providing your file’s checksum.Now,  you can check that the website intended to be downloaded is the exact file that you have downloaded by comparing and perfectly matching this checksum to the one provided by the website. Make sure, the file is exactly same and usage is safe if the match results positive.

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