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How to Customize Windows Desktop with Widgets & Skins?

Desktop widgets available in earlier versions of Windows were very useful and appreciated by almost all Windows users.Even some feel the need of and want to bring these widgets in Windows 10 also.Concerning above fact, Windows provided a free open source desktop customization tool (though not a widget exactly yet provides either the same or even the better experience) named as Rainmeter that enable the users to add widgets and skins to their desktop.

How to Customize Windows Desktop with Widgets & Skins

Learn the use of Rainmeter for Windows

Rainmeter is one of the most famous user interface customization tool and hence highly concentrated by the folk. The tool uses the basic models of skins to work, these skins either can be created or applied by the users themselves or the users can downloadthe skin created by someone else.Users can also find lots of good skins at internet (online) and more probably without paying for it as the members of the Rainmeter community generally issue their tasks for free of cost.

Users can begin with the customization process as soon as they have done with the download and installation of any skin of their choice. They can lock the position of the skin after placing it anywhere (their preferred location) on the desktop.A weather skin, the hardware status, the time/clock skins and the to-do list are some of the basic skins that one should think about.

A large number of options as well as huge quantity of combinations are available here, that enables you to download various diverse skins along with to utilize various elements of them in collaboration to gain endless possibilities.Among this vast range, a skin can be functional like a Music player or a to-do app or it can straightforward like a weather widget that only displays the weather simply.

The layouts can also be saved and kept for future use, as the various settings and the relative positions of different skins are stored on your desktop by these layouts and these layouts are supported by the Rainmeter tool.

Rainmeter Skinsavailability

To get the latest skins created by a variety of developers, simply move to the ‘Discover’ section of the Rainmeter otherwise the one who wants to make their own skins, can begin as a basic skin is also included here for them.DevianArt, listed as the biggest storage area for the Rainmeterskinsis the place that essentially provides the people with whatever they want.

Skins for your desktop PCs can also be obtained from other available websites. You can also edit a skin according to your preference simply by right clicking on a skin and selecting ‘Edit Skin’ option.Doing this will make visible a new notepad windows in front of you allowing you to view and edit the code for that exact skin easily.

Creation of Rainmeter skins by oneself

Rainmeter is one of the best tools for those want to customize their system themselves and also a good start for the beginners, it provides the one with the complete manual that allow to easily start at developing skins. The specified manual will guide you all the steps starting from the basics to all the complex concepts of Rainmeter. Additionally, it includes tutorials in case of publishing one’s skin on DevianArt and other similar websites as a package.Hence, everything is provided to you in front of you but the only thing that you have to do is install a good text editor Rainmeter on your system.

As mentioned above, Rainmeter is one of the most famous user interface desktop customization tool and is supported by a large number of active community.There are a large number of fans that makes their desktops more attractive by working on a number of skins. This is the admirable starting tool for the designers or those are interested in the user interface designing and development.

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