How Siri respondson asking:“open up Google Assistant”?

At Google IO 2017,we had tested the new Google Assistant on iPhone and found it impressive just like Google Pixel. The only fact that sounds unimpressive is that it is necessary to open the app first, if you want to open up the Google Assistant hands-free as to open it from the home screen or lock screen is not possible.Opponent voice assistants are not allowed by Apple.


Though strange workaround yet the only way seems to help out here is asking Siri to open up the app for you that further call up the Google Assistant hands-free from any screen.

Shown below is the way, in which you can step by step ask Siri to open Google Assistant, as directly asking Siri for this, seems embarrassed because it being a rival for Siri.

“Hello Siri.”


“As you are good enough, can you please open up Google Assistant?”

How Siri responds?

Though it is an unkind request yet right decision because Siri has heard:

“As you are not Good nuf, can you open up Google Assistant?”

Mostly, Siri hear us incorrectly.

Due to this, there is the requirement for some another machine learning tools.

If we question Siri to “Name this song” in the car, it seems to be unhelpful in this case- as it only plays songs,besides moving to the bulk, it plays the album that I already have on my iPhone.

Google Assistant thinks that “Siri has a nice name”.

In the response to the question “Siri shut off all of our alarms today”? It responds by missing the ‘I’ in ‘AI’ in this case and read each and every single alarm on our phone, not minding that when the particular alarm has been set.

Obviously, I was using Siri as a great voice assistant from a long time but now we are not connecting as before, being separate from each other.

Hence, this shows the requirement for another machine learning tools unless the Apple’s voice assistant gets upgraded by the Siri speaker and iOS 11.

Ellie Williams has written this article. Her immense experience in writing allows her to bring new topics in front of her readers. She has been in the field of writing from several years and writes on the latest topic in a simple manner. She has written on numerous topics like Apple Support, Google Chrome Support , Mac Support, iOS Support and much more.


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