iPhone 8 Reveal Hints at the Rumored 10th Anniversary Design

The latest leaked or rumored hints (about iPhone 8) are really making us aware that the new smartphone of Apple appears to be coming together in Apple’s 10th anniversary design.

According to Reddit (an American social news aggregation, discussion and web content rating website), ‘a friend in the industry’ has sourced them that the new iPhone will be available with the front and back that are modified with glass this time.

If the above leaked hints are true, they seems supporting the previously made rumors that the new iPhone 8 will be upcoming with bezel-less glass front and a complete glass back in place of its usual and earlier aluminum back.

The leak also describe that the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus are also made available with the same glass backs feature along with the beneficial wireless charging feature.

The iPhone 8 feature

Though the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus is facilitated with glass made front and back and also with wireless charging feature yet the iPhone 8 will still be able to rise and maintain its position in the smartphone’s world.

The leak reported today, is also pointing out the surprising “all-screen” design on the front side, which is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus model’s ‘Infinity Display.’

There are expectations that Apple will offer a more real-estate display to its iPhone 8 owners in comparison to the 5.5 inch display of iPhone 7 Plus and more interesting is that by actually keeping the size of this smartphones either same or making somehow smaller.

The camera on the backside with new improved reality features seems to be even more innovative step about the 10th anniversary iPhone.

iOS 11 will allow developers to test and compare this improved reality features with the previously existing models of the iPhone. This advanced feature could be raised to a higher level in September by making use of the augmented realities featured in iPhone 8.

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