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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop or Apple’s MacBook- Which is Worse?

Recently, we have noticed the report provided by the iFixit expert’s which signifies that the Apple’s new MacBooks scores very poor i.e. 1/10 in its ‘repairability’ test followed by the worse performance of the Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop that has scores 0/10 marks in the same test.


No doubt, other features of Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop like great battery life, portability, smooth performance, a beautifully designed screen makes it the best and unique notebook among the other competitors but if talk about the ‘repairability’ feature, then the condition is so bad that the device will be given -1/10 if possible, said by the iFixit.

Why has the iFixit named the machine as a “glue-filled monstrosity”? It is because of the conclusion made after concerning some facts such as, the company has used glue instead of using screws to hold the case together, the individual components like the keyboard is also glued down and motherboard is covered with thermal pads, that makes them difficult to remove. Even the battery is found glued directly to the case. At last, we can say that the Surface Laptop has made a heavy use of glue in the machine.

The experts complaint that the surface notebook can’t be opened without destroying it, more or less, appearing somehow similar to the Apple’s MacBook in which all the main components including processor, memory, etc. are soldered on the motherboard.

Battery blues

The conclusion also signifies that, this seems a terrible machine for the one who wish to repair the things as it takes a number of steps to just remove a single battery and then to replace it is a more difficult and dangerous procedure.

Though, this notebook’s smart-looking external hardware attracts a number of people yet not to that much extent that the folk would prefer to buy them. As we know in today’s technical world, everyone being smart very well realize that the beauty is only skin deep and one should investigate beneath the surface. Because it is the real place that shows distinct features.

However, Microsoft has never score well now or before whenever it comes to iFixit’s reparability test, but this time it is the drastic failure as it score not even 1/10 rather score a big fat zero, even sinking below the MacBook.

At last, we can say that it is shameful as well as surprising about the company, which is not concerning to work on the internal design of such modern laptops and not even to upgrade the same. The philosophy ‘if it breaks, buy a new one’ doesn’t exactly hurt sales figures.

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