Apple & Ikea Join Hands to Launch Augmented Reality Furniture App for iOS

Tim Cook, the chief executive officer at APPLE INC. has recently announced that he’s very excited about the upcoming augmented reality app. He explained that the use of AR (augmented reality) feature will give you the whole new experience of purchasing the furniture online. For this, the company has joined hands with the giant group, Ikea. This feature in the upcoming iOS 11 will be available for the users almost at the end of this year.

Michael Valdsgaard, the digital transformation manager of Ikea has explained how the company is going to be involved and also informed the folks that Ikea was briefly and already mentioned alongside iOS 11 in the WWDC keynote in the beginning of this month. He said that both the companies have planned to make it possible for all the iPhone customers to have a preview of how the furniture will look before they actually take it to their homes. In addition, the users can also place the furniture to the exact millimeters in order to have a better idea.

In other words, we can say that this AR technology of Apple allows the ‘millimeter precise’ positioning of products with completely accurate sizes and lighting, being the first augmented reality app that allows the one to make reliable buying decisions.

Valdsgaard told that the AR app will be the first one to receive the new products that Ikea will launch, and that the firm is expecting to have 500-600 items ready to available in 3D at the time of launch.

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According to the sources, the upcoming iPhone 8 to be unveil in September is likely to have a blockbuster launch as the company is working hard to get the technology ready for the public release of iOS 11. Emphasizing on the potential of the augmented reality, the CEO Tim Cook has announced that the next flagship of Apple is expected to feature an Augmented Reality enhanced camera.

Apple’s senior vice-president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi, who oversees the development of iOS is trying to position coffee sofas and tables on stage as the new hardware is launched, showing that Ikea and its AR app plays an important role at the iPhone event along with Apple’s dedication.

This Augmented Reality kit tool is available for all the developers on Apple’s phones and tablets. Apple’s phones and tablet users can pick up and use these tools, and ensure a smooth and stable AR experience. It is estimated by the folks that Apple and its partners can reach at the top leaving behind its competitors such as Microsoft and its HoloLens in the AR race, if they are able to get some seriously cool tech ready in the next three months.

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