How to Fix 5 Most Common OneNote errors in Windows 10?

Doodling your great ideas on sticky notes or napkins? Stop doing this right away as Microsoft OneNote is here to shape your thoughts in the best possible way. OneNote is one-of-a-kind software for collecting information and collaborating with a number of users. It helps the users to draw or write in a free-form way, just as you write on a paper using the pen. Apart from this, you can also create tables and insert pictures effortlessly. With this exciting feature of “collaborating with the multiple users”, you can discuss and plan a variety of things with other users sitting at a remote place.

It features a stylus or fingertip with the help of which you can convert handwritten notes to typed text instantly. The content you have created can be easily accessed from anywhere. OneNote is compatible with all platforms, which are Windows, Apple, Android and Web. A Web version of this software comes as a part of OneDrive or Office Online. OneNote is a part of Microsoft Office in Windows 10. Like the other applications of Microsoft, OneNote is also created using advanced technology, but nothing can remain perfect throughout all the time. A number of issues and errors may occur at any point of time. The most common errors with their solution are as follows:

1. File Format Not Supported

The latest versions of OneNote support documents in 2010-2016 format. If you wish to open the documents created in previous versions of OneNote, you need to convert their format. For this, all you have to do is open the OneNote 2013 or 2016, choose “Info” listed under “File” tab. Just next to the name of your document, choose “Settings” followed by “Properties”. Now select “Convert to 2010-2016”. You can view your file instantly.

2. SharePoint Related Errors

To get rid of SharePoint related issues with OneNote, sign in to the system as a SharePoint administrator.

3. OneNote Quota Issues

Another common error that may arise while using OneNote is of storage. These exceeding quota limit issues can be resolved by figuring out whether the notebook is stored on SharePoint or OneDrive. This could be done by analyzing the URL. In the former case, you have to contact the SharePoint administrator to get this issue resolved, while the latter requires you to check if there is some free space available on the OneDrive. You can also purchase some space as per the requirements.

4. Improper Functioning of OneNote

In case of OneNote desktop software, you can repair the entire Office installation via control panel. This will reinstall the OneNote as well. However, if you are facing any issue in OneNote Windows Store mobile application in Windows 10, then use 10appsmanager to fix it out.

5. SharePoint Document Library Issues

The most common document library issue includes turning off check-in or check-out in the library. To get rid of this, open the document library and follow the below mentioned path:

Ribbon tools for library tools->Library->Library Settings->Versioning Settings and modify the value of specific Check Out to NO.

In the same way, you can turn off minor versions in SharePoint. Follow the aforementioned path and in the last step, change Document Versioning History to No Versioning.

Maria Silvia an experienced writer who keeps a strict vigil on the latest technological changes and updates. She loves to write on antiviruses, latest software and other such topics.

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