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Why My McAfee Antivirus Scan is Not Working?

One cannot deny from the fact that the McAfee is one of the globally used antivirus software. It provides you high-end protection against all kinds of viruses, Trojan horses, Ransomware and malicious apps that can not only harm your device, but also steals your personal information like bank account details (while accessing your bank account online). To suit the needs of both consumers and businesses, McAfee offers a range of antivirus. You can choose the one depending upon your specific requirements. To protect your device, all you need to do is to download, install and then activate a McAfee antivirus.

Once the antivirus is installed, it will scan your device for viruses, malicious software and Trojan horses. If found, the antivirus notifies you and fix them immediately on your single command. At times, it may happen that your antivirus fails to scan and ultimately protect your device from the viruses. You may encounter an error like “Error Getting Scan Process”. This error causes an abrupt shut down of the antivirus every time you open it to initiate the scan. The irony is that the error may occur in both manual and scheduled scan cases. To fix this issue immediately, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Check if your device has any other antivirus installed on it. If found, uninstall it immediately as this causes software conflicts and stops the antivirus scanning your computer system.
  • Now, close all the programs and restart your computer system
  • Try scanning your computer again

If the problem is still there, then try the below mentioned solution:

  • Restart your computer system and starting tapping F8
  • From the advanced boot option, choose safe mode
  • Now perform the same operation again in this safe mode

This will successfully solve the error. If not, then check out at which file the antivirus stops scanning. For example- there are 1000 files onto your computer system and the scan stops at 40th. What you have to do is check the location of 40th file and scan it individually. This could be the file that causing a halt in the scanning operation. Fix it or delete it, if not important. Try scanning your computer system again.

After trying all the aforementioned methods, if the antivirus still denies scanning, then call McAfee contact support number and get an immediate help from a certified technician.



Why Does McAfee Antivirus Slow Down My PC?

McAfee is one of the most popular antivirus software used by the consumers as well as businesses. It protects your computer system/laptop/mobile phone and tablet from harmful online threats like viruses, Trojan horses, scams and frauds. The antivirus regularly scans all the files, applications and other software to fix the issues (if any). It also protects them from other viruses that may infect your data in the future. McAfee antivirus also ensures safe browsing and blocks the suspicious websites, so that they can never harm your data as well as the device. It also comes up with parental controls that allow you to decide which websites your children can browse through.

Besides providing a higher level of security with the aforementioned exciting features, the antivirus may cause your PC to work a bit slow. This generally happens when you install and then use the antivirus on an old PC. That’s because an old PC might not satisfy the system requirements this antivirus needs; which ultimately results in slow performance of your computer system. Apart from this, there are a number of other reasons that slow down your PC. These reasons have been mentioned below:

Automatic Updates

Like any other software, McAfee antivirus also includes a huge database, including the definitions of viruses. This database also needs to be updated to prepare the antivirus for any upcoming virus that may occur in the future. To update this database, you need to download them from the internet. That’s what McAfee does automatically whenever it finds an update available. This doesn’t require much processor power, but it still needs a good bandwidth to download all those definitions.

The solution is of this problem is simply, disable the auto updates in McAfee antivirus settings. On the other hand, don’t forget to do this manually.

Automatic Scan

As aforementioned, McAfee antivirus scans your computer system automatically to keep it safe and secure from the viruses. Generally, this scan is scheduled to be done once in every week, but it doesn’t really waits even if it sees you working. And if the two heavy applications that require a lot of RAM and processor power, will work simultaneously, your device will definitely respond slowly.

To get rid of this problem, you can manually schedule the time of its auto scan or disable it completely. In the later case, don’t forget to do this manually after some period of time.

Full System Scanning

McAfee full system scan goes through each and every file resides on your computer system. This will obviously need a lot of time along with high processor power. It is recommended to schedule this while you are away or at night, when you hardly need your computer system.


Not only the McAfee antivirus, but all other software also requires a certain system specifications in order to work properly and run smoothly. So, it is advisable to check the required system specifications before you download and install a particular version of McAfee antivirus. The basic specifications required are as follows:

  • 512MB RAM for Windows XP
  • GB of RAM for Windows Vista
  • 500MB of free space
  • 1GHz processor

In general, we all agree with this fact that dealing with a little bit PC performance issue is better than letting the harmful viruses corrupt your system and important information.


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How to Troubleshoot Blank Screen Error in AOL Mail?

AOL is a web-based email service offered by AOL, a part of the Verizon Communications. Its exciting features include, unlimited email storage capacity, email attachments with limit up to 25GB, virus protection, spam protection, spell checker, and more. Another best part of using AOL mail is that you don’t need to be an AOL user in order avail all its mail features. While using the AOL email, you might encounter a blank screen error. This error occurs when you try to login to your AOL email account. Here are some solutions that can help you out fixing this issue:

1. Clear browser cache memory, cookies and history

When you browse over the internet and visit any website, temporary files, cookies and history get stored to your device in order to make them easily accessible to you on your next visit. Delete these files and try logging in again to your AOL email account.

2. Reset your browser’s settings

Reset your browser’s settings to default to get this issue fixed. Try signing in again.

3. Login in to a different web browser

Sometimes, the error may be due to a particular browser. Open some other browser and then try to access your AOL account. If it doesn’t work, then try step 4

4. Change firewall settings

If you have turned on the firewall, then allow all the friendly URLs from AOL. Also disable your pop-blocking software and try accessing your AOL account.

5. Java Applet Scripting and cookies settings

Enabling Java applet scripting and cookies may resolve this issue. Fix now!

If the problem still persists, give a call on AOL support number and get it fixed by a certified technician.

Just remember that an AOL email account if remain inactive for 90 days, it may become deactivated. So, it’s better to get rid of the aforementioned issue as soon as possible.





How do I fix Overheating and Noisy Laptop Fan Problem

Be it a Dell, HP, Acer or any other brand’s laptop, it may create some issues after some years. The most common issue could be overheating or noisy laptop fan. Both these issues won’t let a user focus on their work. There may be two reasons for the second issue. These are:

  • Dust
  • Overheating

This has to stop in order to make you work without hearing that weird grinding, buzzing or rattling noise. Apart from the aforementioned two, there could be some other reasons like the cooling fan could be running faster than its usual speed and the non-stop rate could be blamed for it. A laptop being used under the extreme workload condition could also cause overheating, which further results in the noisy laptop fan issue.

Even a compact laptop is easily prone to the dust, which in turn causes this noisy laptop issue. It is because the dust gets clogged to the fan, making it run hot and noisy. Now, the challenge here is what to do to cool the laptop fan and get rid of this issue. Thankfully, we have the solution to fix it up!

Running Processes

If your laptop is noisy, it simply means that it overworked. To overcome this situation, check out all the running processes to know which intense process is making the CPU to grind harder than the usual. If there are no such processes that are close to running at 100, then it is the CPU fan that needs to be checked.

 Check Task Manager

Open the task manager by right clicking on the task bar. Now, kill all the ongoing process in order to free the CPU fan from whirring up or buzzing. If you are playing video games or working on advanced software, stop for a while.

Use a Laptop Cooler

You can also use a laptop cooler can be very effective for those who use their laptop for gaming or working on such software that require the CPU work for an extended period. You can select from laptop coolers that have cooling baseplates and those clipped on the laptop to straight zap or suck out the hot air.

Cleaning Up Your Laptop Fan Is A Must

If none of the aforementioned solutions work in your favor, then go for cleaning up your laptop fan. Over a period of time, dust and hair could pile up and get clogged into your laptop, resulting in reducing the airflow to your laptop. Cleaning it up would do half of the job instantly.

If you know a bit about the inside out of the CPU, then you may do it yourself. Otherwise, you can call a technician to get it done for you. While doing it yourself, make sure you remove the battery first in order to avoid static electricity. Also, don’t forget to unplug the AC adapter as well. Now, blow out the dust using an air compressor. Once you are done, place everything back as it was. Turn on the laptop to check whether the problem is solved or not. We are sure that it will behave like a new laptop.

This article has been written by the technical writer Ellie Williams. Being the dedicated and keen writer, she works very well for our website. Additionally, provides its readers with information, ideas, news on a large number of technical topics such as Support for Dell Printer, Support for Apple, etc. The information provided by her always seems to be beneficial. Readers facing issues regarding such topics can take help from our technicians by calling our toll-free number.



World Emoji Day Special: Apple Shows Off Some Amazing Emojis

On World Emoji Day, Apple has announced that the new emojis character will be available across the Apple devices. So, some of the new emoticons will be a part of your macOS, iOS and watchOS till the end of this year. No doubt, these emojis make the conversation more exciting, and also help the users to express themselves with better diversity. In 2015, Apple has gradually moved towards diversity by letting the users change the skin tone of almost all the human emojis.

The upcoming emojis will make you add a touch of personalization to your message. With this update, around 69 new emojis will be added. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Woman with Headscarf
  • Food items such as Sandwich and Coconut that looks delicious to eat
  • Bearded Person
  • Animals and mythical creatures like T-Rex, Zebra, Elf and Zombie
  • Star-Struck and Exploding Head smiley faces
  • Hijab
  • Emoji for throwing up
  • A breast-feeding woman

To make this more exciting, Apple has also replaced the names of some of the popular movies with its emoticons interpretation available in the iTunes store. To get that, all you need to do is check out the movie segment of the iTunes store on the desktop.

Apple has just shared the preview and the full set will be released later this year. You can download it with the updates for all the Apple operating systems. So, if you wear a hijab, feeling squeamish or have a beard, fear not: you will soon get your emoji. Be ready to experience the all new way of conversation with your friends and family.

Ellie Williams is a keen writer and is devoted to write on technical topics. She does a proper research on every topic before bringing it in front of the user. Her dedication, experience and flair in writing style are helping our website Help Desk Number in gaining popularity amongst the clients. Some of the topics on which she had written were Apple Support,  Mac Support etc.


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Pro Tip: How to Secure Windows 10 Boot Process

The basic function of an operating system is to offer a safe platform where all the applications and software can run smoothly. This requires a basic framework for a hassle-free program execution that can utilize the hardware and have a secure access to the system resources. To make operating system able to do this, several portions of the OS start and execute at system boot time. Apart from this, other features that provide this level of protection are as follows:

  • Smart Screen Filter
  • Windows Defender

The former i.e. smart screen filter warns the user every time they try to run an untrustworthy application. Please note that this filter works only for Windows 10 and later versions. On the other hand, Windows Defender provides high-end protection for your system files and applications from the harmful online threats as well as malware. The tool uses signatures for finding out the apps that seem to be malicious. In Windows 10, you will get this level of security even during startup. Before you read more about this process of security, it’s better to know a brief of rootkits.


Rootkits are the set of tools used for hacking a device using a cracker. This cracker tries to gain the user-level access of your computer system by breaking a password or some other way. A number of rootkits that run during PC startup are kernel rootkits, firmware rootkits, driver rootkits and bootkits. The all new Windows 10 comes with four exclusive features that secure its boot process and harmful online threats. These features include:

Trusted Boot

By using the VTPM or Virtual Trusted Platform Module, Trusted Boot (Bootloader) checks the digital signatures of the operating system’s kernel before loading the boot process. Apart from this, it also verifies other components such as ELAM, startup files, drivers, etc. for their proper functioning. At any point, if the bootloader finds a file corrupted or malware affected, it refuses to load.

Secure Boot

Secure boot is a security standard that protects your system from malicious programs and viruses. To enable this security feature, Secure boot doesn’t allow any unauthorized application to execute during the booting process. In short, this bootloader ensures that your PC boots software that are authorized by the PC manufacturer.

Measured Boot

You might not be aware of this fact, but it’s true that if your PC is infected with rootkits and connected to a network, then chances are high that the rootkits may harm other PCs as well. This bootloader in the Windows 10 permits an authorized server on the network to check the reliability of the Windows startup by using a number of processes.

Early Launch Anti-Malware

ELAM offers exciting protection to your computer system before startup. It also checks all the third-party drivers before they initialize. Once the verification of the Trusted Boot finishes the job of ELAM i.e. protecting your PC starts. The working of secure boot, trusted boot and then Early Launch Anti-Malware establishes a chain of security.



How Do I Get Rid of Norton Errors on Windows 10?

Is your Windows 10 operating system protected with Norton antivirus? Are you planning to install Norton antivirus for Windows 10? Norton, the leading online security provider offers a wide range of antivirus for both home and business PCs. Today, it has become a trusted name when it comes to protect your device from online threats like WannaCry Ransomware, Petya Ransomware, and Trojan horses. The antivirus software also ensures safe browsing. You can also prevent your important information and applications from being stolen or corrupted.

Either you are using an antivirus or planning to install it on your device, it may happen that an error occurs and halt the basic function of the antivirus. These common errors and questions along with their solution are as follows:

Norton Errors on Windows 10

Why I am not able to start Norton antivirus on my Windows 10 PC?

This error could occur when you update your Norton antivirus to the latest version. To solve this issue, restart your computer system after existing to all the programs. If you are still facing the issue, download and run the Norton remove and reinstall tool. Once the download finishes, double click the NRnR icon and click agree to the license agreement. Now select remove and reinstall button. Click Continue to finish this process. Now restart your device to apply changes.

Why I cannot find the Norton antivirus after Windows 10 update?

To resolve this error, download and run the fix tool. To run the downloaded file, all you have to do is right-click the Windows10 Norton Upgrader.exe and select run as an administrator. Running the tool simply means that you accept the license agreement associated with this tool. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation. You can now easily find the Norton antivirus onto your PC.

Is Norton Identity Safe compatible with Microsoft Edge Browser?

The all new Norton Identity Safe is fully compatible with the Microsoft Edge Browser of Windows 10 Creators update and above versions. The latest Norton Identity Safe is an independent extension that can be installed on any device and supports auto-capture of login items, autofill and much more. You can also edit login items from the Vault interface of a Norton product (Norton security). To install as well as enable Norton Identity Safe extension follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Open the Microsoft Edge Browser and click More followed by Extensions from the top-right corner
  • Now select “Get Extensions From The Store”
  • Enter Norton in the Store Window search box
  • Select Norton Identity Safe and click install
  • After the installation finishes, click launch
  • Click Turn it On button on the pop-up window
  • Again open More from the top-right corner and then select Extensions
  • Select Norton Identity Safe
  • Under the Show button next to the address bar, move the slider to ON

Remember, the Norton product will work on the Windows 10 OS as long as you have the latest version installed for both.

Ellie Williams is a well-known author of many technical blogs for Help Desk Number, which a renowned technical service provider for Norton antivirus error. She loves to write on latest security software, gadgets, antivirus, mobile applications and other such products.



How do I Get Rid of Paper Jam Error in HP Printer?

Hewlett Packard (HP) is a world-renowned company engaged in manufacturing hardware as well as software components. Apart from the laptops, the second major product HP is popular is its wide variety of printers. HP printer Support are available in different models and specifications in order to meet the specific requirements. Once you purchase a HP printer, you need to download its drivers and install them properly on your device (computer system/laptop/Mac) for its accurate functioning.

While doing so, you may across a number of issues. One of the common issues of HP printer Support is associated with paper feed or paper jam. Thankfully, both these errors can be resolved without any hassle. To find the solution, first you need to understand the cause behind these two errors. A paper jam error occurs when the paper feeding process through the printer goes awry. This result in the halt of entire printing job and cause the parts of paper trapped inside the machine.  To get rid of this issue, all you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Carefully check the paper tray to spot a paper jam and if you find a piece of paper, gently pull it back. Now press the resume button to continue printing operation.
  • Remove the rear access door of inkjet printer to see if there is any paper jam or not. If you find the same, use the knob or a clasp to release the door and take the paper out. Just make sure there is no paper, including any ripped piece or scrap. Once done, place the door back to its position.
  • If the problem persists, lift the front cover and take out the paper that was causing a jam error. To reduce the risk of damaging the printer, make sure you pull the paper slowly.
  • Now, check the print carriage to ensure its proper functioning, i.e. moving freely from one side of the printer to the other.
  • Now, reload the plain papers into the paper tray and hold the resume button to print a test page.

To avoid this problem in future, do the following checks:

  • Use one type of paper at a time into the paper tray
  • It does not matter that your printer has one or multiple input trays, entering the paper details to the printer control section can make you avoid this problem. You can provide details such as paper thickness, type, name and quality.
  • If you want to use a specific type of paper, check the documentation of your printer to know whether it will accept that or not
  • Place the paper properly by adjusting the width and the length



Top 5 Questions Associated with Webroot Keycode

Webroot offers high-end security solutions for internet threat detection and protection of your PC. It offers a variety of security software, antivirus and threat intelligent systems for PCs and mobile phones. You can choose from different plans as per the specific requirements of your home and business PCs. Downloading, installing and configuring Webroot antivirus are the three major steps required to start the protection of your device.

Webroot offers high-end security solutions for internet threat detection and protection of your PC. It offers a variety of security software, antivirus and threat intelligent systems for PCs and mobile phones. You can choose from different plans as per the specific requirements of your home and business PCs. Downloading, installing and configuring Webroot antivirus are the three major steps required to start the protection of your device. Downloading and installation can be easily done from the Webroot website, but to activate the antivirus, a keycode is needed to be applied. However, if you don’t enter it in the right sequence, you will get an error. In this article, we are going to cover the most common questions that are related to this keycode. Have a look:

1.  Where do I find Webroot keycode or product key in the security software?Once you download and install Webroot security to your device, it needs a keycode to get activated. Without the activation, you cannot scan and protect your PC from harmful online threats. A keycode is a combination of 20 alphanumeric characters that is available within the Webroot SecurityAnywhere. Follow the below mentioned steps to find it-

For PC-

  • Visit My Account under the Webroot SecureAnywhere main interface
  • A pop-up will show you the keycode along with the subscription information

For Mac-

  • Click the Webroot icon and open the Webroot SecureAnywhere interface
  •  Visit My Account to reveal the keycode and subscription info

2.  How to find the keycode if the Webroot is not installed on your device?In case you want to reinstall the Webroot security and want the keycode mailed to you, fill a simple form available on the Webroot website.

3.  How to request the installation as well as keycode instruction?For those who want the complete instructions to be emailed to them, there is form available on the website. Fill out the form and receive the mail in short time.

4.  How to get the full keycode if it gets ripped?While peeling off the label to reveal the keycode, it may happen that the half or the full code gets removed. Simply, check the back of the box for a code starting with WBR. This code is usually available close to the barcode on the box. Send that code to the Webroot support and you will get the copy of your keycode.

5.  What to do or whom to contact to resolve any Keycode error?While activating the Webroot SecurityAnywhere, you may face some errors. This may be due to the following reasons:

  • Typing the keycode incorrectly. While entering the keycode manually, often users make a mistake  with characters i/1, o/0, s/5, b/8
  • You already have a Webroot installed to your device
  • “The keycode could not be verified at this time” is one of the common Webroot error, caused when the SecureAnywhere is not allowed to connect to the internet. Check the connection and try again.
  • For errors like FZLC0055, FZLC0056: Invalid or Unknown Keycode and more, contact Webroot support.

Maria Silvia is an experienced writer who loves to write about digital marketing, online threats, antiviruses, viruses and other related topics.