Apple & Ikea Join Hands to Launch Augmented Reality Furniture App for iOS

Tim Cook, the chief executive officer at APPLE INC. has recently announced that he’s very excited about the upcoming augmented reality app. He explained that the use of AR (augmented reality) feature will give you the whole new experience of purchasing the furniture online. For this, the company has joined hands with the giant group, Ikea. This feature in the upcoming iOS 11 will be available for the users almost at the end of this year.

Michael Valdsgaard, the digital transformation manager of Ikea has explained how the company is going to be involved and also informed the folks that Ikea was briefly and already mentioned alongside iOS 11 in the WWDC keynote in the beginning of this month. He said that both the companies have planned to make it possible for all the iPhone customers to have a preview of how the furniture will look before they actually take it to their homes. In addition, the users can also place the furniture to the exact millimeters in order to have a better idea.

In other words, we can say that this AR technology of Apple allows the ‘millimeter precise’ positioning of products with completely accurate sizes and lighting, being the first augmented reality app that allows the one to make reliable buying decisions.

Valdsgaard told that the AR app will be the first one to receive the new products that Ikea will launch, and that the firm is expecting to have 500-600 items ready to available in 3D at the time of launch.

Seeing believes

According to the sources, the upcoming iPhone 8 to be unveil in September is likely to have a blockbuster launch as the company is working hard to get the technology ready for the public release of iOS 11. Emphasizing on the potential of the augmented reality, the CEO Tim Cook has announced that the next flagship of Apple is expected to feature an Augmented Reality enhanced camera.

Apple’s senior vice-president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi, who oversees the development of iOS is trying to position coffee sofas and tables on stage as the new hardware is launched, showing that Ikea and its AR app plays an important role at the iPhone event along with Apple’s dedication.

This Augmented Reality kit tool is available for all the developers on Apple’s phones and tablets. Apple’s phones and tablet users can pick up and use these tools, and ensure a smooth and stable AR experience. It is estimated by the folks that Apple and its partners can reach at the top leaving behind its competitors such as Microsoft and its HoloLens in the AR race, if they are able to get some seriously cool tech ready in the next three months.

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How to Install Norton Setup on Mac

Norton software suite is one of the most reliable anti-viruses used in many computers. The brand that does not need any recognition has gained popularity globally. Apple Macs are those devices that do not need any antivirus software program as Mac OS is a competent OS that has the ability to secure the files and data it has.


Despite of all having an antivirus installed is not a bad idea, there is no doubt that apple makes safe products what is the harm of keeping the antivirus in it. Besides, virus have found new and different ways to enter into your computer due to which the Apple Macs have also start using antivirus. And what is better than Norton antivirus.

Steps to download your Norton product into Apple Mac:

  • Sign in to Norton.
  • Click Download.
  • Under Install on this device, click Agree & Download.
  • By default, the Norton product installer is saved to the Downloads folder.
  • When the download finishes, double-click the Norton product Installer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • When Live Update finishes installing updates, click Continue.
  • In the Installation Successful window, click Restart.
  • You must restart your computer to complete the installation process.

Above mentioned are the basic steps that can be downloaded

There is an option for Mac users to get the link for Norton antivirus free download. There is no reason as to why cyber criminals won’t target the Mac OS, so there is an urgency for the Mac users to get a reliable antivirus in order to create a protective layer on their systems. Back in the day, cyber criminals were least bothered about intruding into the Mac computers, but in the recent times, the trend has seemed to change. Windows 10 has been launched by Microsoft and it is safer than ever before.

How easy or difficult it is to install antivirus on Mac computers?

Mac users can easily install Norton antivirus. All they have to do is go to Norton com setup install and follow the steps that are given on With the range of malware and spyware is increasing every passing day, it is extremely important for Mac users to have a top-rated antivirus program that can efficiently keep the viruses away from the computers.

If Mac users find any problem in installing the Norton antivirus program, then they can log onto help Norton com. The makers of Mac computers have also allowed Mac users to install Norton antivirus if they are not sure whether their computers are going to hold up without an antivirus program. If you are using a Mac computer and want to Norton Antivirus download, then you can either go to the official Norton website or any third party website where they sell the authentic version of Norton antivirus. Whatever your choice is, the main thing is to have an antivirus installed on the computer because the viruses have become smarter today and in order to protect your computer system from them. So, without any further delays, get the original Norton antivirus installed on your Mac computer to make sure that it continues to work in a flawless manner. You can choose a 3rd party company to buy the original software if you want, as there is no risk in that.

Maria Silvia, who is the writer here loves to write on latest technology and gadgets. She’s well known for her op-eds and diary pieces, exploring her experience of Apple, Mac products over time, for a more rounded review. She has also written on various topics such as Support for McAfee, Support for Avast, Support for Norton etc.

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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop or Apple’s MacBook- Which is Worse?

Recently, we have noticed the report provided by the iFixit expert’s which signifies that the Apple’s new MacBooks scores very poor i.e. 1/10 in its ‘repairability’ test followed by the worse performance of the Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop that has scores 0/10 marks in the same test.


No doubt, other features of Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop like great battery life, portability, smooth performance, a beautifully designed screen makes it the best and unique notebook among the other competitors but if talk about the ‘repairability’ feature, then the condition is so bad that the device will be given -1/10 if possible, said by the iFixit.

Why has the iFixit named the machine as a “glue-filled monstrosity”? It is because of the conclusion made after concerning some facts such as, the company has used glue instead of using screws to hold the case together, the individual components like the keyboard is also glued down and motherboard is covered with thermal pads, that makes them difficult to remove. Even the battery is found glued directly to the case. At last, we can say that the Surface Laptop has made a heavy use of glue in the machine.

The experts complaint that the surface notebook can’t be opened without destroying it, more or less, appearing somehow similar to the Apple’s MacBook in which all the main components including processor, memory, etc. are soldered on the motherboard.

Battery blues

The conclusion also signifies that, this seems a terrible machine for the one who wish to repair the things as it takes a number of steps to just remove a single battery and then to replace it is a more difficult and dangerous procedure.

Though, this notebook’s smart-looking external hardware attracts a number of people yet not to that much extent that the folk would prefer to buy them. As we know in today’s technical world, everyone being smart very well realize that the beauty is only skin deep and one should investigate beneath the surface. Because it is the real place that shows distinct features.

However, Microsoft has never score well now or before whenever it comes to iFixit’s reparability test, but this time it is the drastic failure as it score not even 1/10 rather score a big fat zero, even sinking below the MacBook.

At last, we can say that it is shameful as well as surprising about the company, which is not concerning to work on the internal design of such modern laptops and not even to upgrade the same. The philosophy ‘if it breaks, buy a new one’ doesn’t exactly hurt sales figures.

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McAfee Free Tool To Get Rid of PinkSlipBot Remnants

PinkSlipBot is a harmful trojan that runs in the background and targets specific industries like banking, financial institution and more. First identified in 2007, the virus was created to steal the confidential information, including the location, organization as well as the owner name of the infected system. This enables the attacker to sell this info to some other party and earn money by deploying the targeted malware to the system.

Once your computer system gets infected with this hazardous virus, you will receive many pop-ups asking you to download malicious programs and files to your computer systems. The victim’s computer is controlled through a command-based backdoor, functioned by the control server along with a virtual network computing–based backdoor. The malware is also tracked under three other names, i.e. Qakbot, PinkSlip andQbot.

The virus can be distributed to the other computer system shares the same network. It can also update its latest  version automatically through the control server. To secure your system from this virus, McAfee  Antivirus has launched a new tool named AmIPinkC2, which can be downloaded for free. This tool is a Windows command-line application that completely take away the leftovers of PinkSlipBotthat permits the virus to continue to access previously attacked computer systems as proxy relays, even if the virus has been removed from the system.

With the deep research and study, McAfee has tracked PinkSlipBot campaigns and presented the complete analysis at the Virus Bulletin Security Conference held in 2016. From the past campaigns as well as activities of PinkSlipBot malware, they have discovered that besides stealing the confidential information and data, this banking trojan makes the use of affected hosts as a proxy server to pass on the information from central control server to other infected hosts, resulting in a mesh type network creation.

What Makes McAfee’s Free Tool Different From Other Security Tools?

Besides the availability of many other tools that let the user get rid of this hazardous malware and enable their computer system to operate normally, McAfee has made its presence as a leader by enabling its tool to completely remove the leftovers from the infected system. All the other security software and tools were only focusing on removing the malware’s binary files causing the Trojan’s capacity to steal the passwords from the affected computer system.

McAfee’s new tool will completely remove the remaining files of the PinkSlipBot malware making it impossible for the virus to pass on relay C&C commands as well as hide the exfiltration of stolen information via a mesh of proxies.

System Specifications

To use this tool, a computer must be running Windows XP or higher along with a hi-speed internet connection. Once you download the tool from McAfee’s website, open command prompt window (Windows + R) and execute the program without using any parameter. Simply type C:\>AmIPinkC2.exeto run this tool in Detect Mode, which will find the PinkSlipBot leftovers on your system. Remove it by following the further instructions and make your work smooth and hassle-free.

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MacOS 10.12.6 Beta 4 Launched for Testing

The users participating in the beta testing program will be happy to know that the world is provided with the recently launched fourth beta edition of macOS 10.12.6 by the Apple. The software is now available for registered developers as well as members of Apple’s public beta testing program.


The new released MacOS 10.12.6 has not come up with any major change or major upgraded feature rather focuses just on bug fixing and security improvements, providing somewhat small changes making its (macOS 10.12.6) beta 4 separate from the previously and simultaneously beta testing program.

But Apple’s macOS High Sierra is designed to enhance on macOS Sierra through major updates and a handful changes. It focuses on the fundamentals such as data, graphics and videos and set to be the upcoming major system software release that will provide a platform for future innovation and does new and significant features which makes the Mac more capable, responsive and reliable.

Users who want to switch to macOS 10.12.6 beta 4 from the previously running edition (macOS 10.12.6 beta) on their system can easily download it from the “Mac App Store” Updates section.

This time Apple has not repeated its habit of launching the beta versions for their entire system software together. For example- this time the fourth edition (iOS 10.3.3 beta 4)has not yet been released for iPhone, not for iPad, even the beta 4 has not been made available yet for tvOS 10.2.2 or watchOS 3.2.3.

The news that  ‘Apple before making people available with the final version has to go through a variety of beta releases’ and this suggests that the final edition of macOS 10.12.6 and iOS 10.3.3 might be delayed for some duration.

The upcoming significant release of system software versions with the macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 will be available to the public at the end of the year.

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iPhone 8 Reveal Hints at the Rumored 10th Anniversary Design

The latest leaked or rumored hints (about iPhone 8) are really making us aware that the new smartphone of Apple appears to be coming together in Apple’s 10th anniversary design.

According to Reddit (an American social news aggregation, discussion and web content rating website), ‘a friend in the industry’ has sourced them that the new iPhone will be available with the front and back that are modified with glass this time.

If the above leaked hints are true, they seems supporting the previously made rumors that the new iPhone 8 will be upcoming with bezel-less glass front and a complete glass back in place of its usual and earlier aluminum back.

The leak also describe that the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus are also made available with the same glass backs feature along with the beneficial wireless charging feature.

The iPhone 8 feature

Though the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus is facilitated with glass made front and back and also with wireless charging feature yet the iPhone 8 will still be able to rise and maintain its position in the smartphone’s world.

The leak reported today, is also pointing out the surprising “all-screen” design on the front side, which is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus model’s ‘Infinity Display.’

There are expectations that Apple will offer a more real-estate display to its iPhone 8 owners in comparison to the 5.5 inch display of iPhone 7 Plus and more interesting is that by actually keeping the size of this smartphones either same or making somehow smaller.

The camera on the backside with new improved reality features seems to be even more innovative step about the 10th anniversary iPhone.

iOS 11 will allow developers to test and compare this improved reality features with the previously existing models of the iPhone. This advanced feature could be raised to a higher level in September by making use of the augmented realities featured in iPhone 8.

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Banking Trojan- Lose Your Information With a Hover Over PowerPoint Hyperlink

Spammers are looking for the new ways to make the sufferers to install the malware that automatically gets download when the users hover over a hyperlink in a PowerPoint slide show.

The new infected way which makes the e-mail recipients to download and installs the malware by running a malicious macro over the network seems out to be a twist to the common advice re-emerged in 2015 and says that “users should not increase the Office macro malware threat resulting by clicking on links from the doubtful sources”.

The new twist will not include macros on the Office malware but will install the malware by hovering over a hyperlink in a PowerPoint slide show has been brought by the Bleepingcomputer. The twist explains that when the user hovers over hyperlinked text in the PowerPoint file after opening it, this result in downloading of the malware accessed by running a PowerShell command linked to a malicious domain.

The malware appears in form of a spam e-mail in front of the users. The particular e-mail appears with the name of the attachment file and subject headers showing it either as an invoice or as a purchase order. A point to be noted about these attached file formats is that they are the open- source version of the Microsoft PowerPoint slide show (PPSX) that can’t be edited rather only viewed, making it different from the normal PPT or PPTX files.

Hovering over the hyperlinked text “Loading… Please wait” displayed in the Microsoft PowerPoint slide show (PPSX) will download the malicious software automatically if the office protected view is not enabled. This protected view was made enabled as a default setting in Office 2010, where the Office display a “security warning” message which will then blocks the malware download.

The PowerPoint file downloads the trojan named as Gootkit or the Otlard, which were known for stealing credentials and bank account information by compromising websites with malicious iframe code and called as Zusy by the SentinelOne (a venture-backed cyber-security located in Palo Alto, California).

At the end of the May, Trend Micro, a Japanese multinational security software company as well as the global leader in cyber security solutions for businesses, networks, etc. has detected a spam operation with the malicious PowerPoint files focusing at organizations running in the Poland, Netherlands and etc. Previously, the macro malware documents are used by the same gang of spammers for delivering different payloads.

Though the present ongoing campaign was not so extensive yet may results as a “dry run for future campaigns”, as estimated by the researchers of the Trend Micro.

Trend Micro has written “No doubt that the features such as OLEs, macros, and mouse hovers have their own good and genuine uses but unfortunately they are taken over by the wrong hands. To infect the victim, firstly a socially engineered e-mail and a mouse hover link is made to be appear in front of you and then the second one disabled, creating possibilities to click resulting in downloading of the malware.

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How Siri respondson asking:“open up Google Assistant”?

At Google IO 2017,we had tested the new Google Assistant on iPhone and found it impressive just like Google Pixel. The only fact that sounds unimpressive is that it is necessary to open the app first, if you want to open up the Google Assistant hands-free as to open it from the home screen or lock screen is not possible.Opponent voice assistants are not allowed by Apple.


Though strange workaround yet the only way seems to help out here is asking Siri to open up the app for you that further call up the Google Assistant hands-free from any screen.

Shown below is the way, in which you can step by step ask Siri to open Google Assistant, as directly asking Siri for this, seems embarrassed because it being a rival for Siri.

“Hello Siri.”


“As you are good enough, can you please open up Google Assistant?”

How Siri responds?

Though it is an unkind request yet right decision because Siri has heard:

“As you are not Good nuf, can you open up Google Assistant?”

Mostly, Siri hear us incorrectly.

Due to this, there is the requirement for some another machine learning tools.

If we question Siri to “Name this song” in the car, it seems to be unhelpful in this case- as it only plays songs,besides moving to the bulk, it plays the album that I already have on my iPhone.

Google Assistant thinks that “Siri has a nice name”.

In the response to the question “Siri shut off all of our alarms today”? It responds by missing the ‘I’ in ‘AI’ in this case and read each and every single alarm on our phone, not minding that when the particular alarm has been set.

Obviously, I was using Siri as a great voice assistant from a long time but now we are not connecting as before, being separate from each other.

Hence, this shows the requirement for another machine learning tools unless the Apple’s voice assistant gets upgraded by the Siri speaker and iOS 11.

Ellie Williams has written this article. Her immense experience in writing allows her to bring new topics in front of her readers. She has been in the field of writing from several years and writes on the latest topic in a simple manner. She has written on numerous topics like Apple Support, Google Chrome Support , Mac Support, iOS Support and much more.


Norton Mobile Security – Protect Your Mobile Phone From All Online Threats

No one can deny from the fact that the internet is one of the greatest innovations of this century. With the increasing dependency on the internet, we just cannot imagine our lives without it. From purchasing grocery to large appliances, accessing your bank account to sending money overseas, there is hardly any task that cannot be performed on internet. The best part of the internet came into limelight when we all started using it on our mobile phones.

With the growing use of internet, a quick rise in online breaches has also been observed in past few years and the recent wanna cry ransomeware attack is the perfect example of it. This virus has affected more than 74 countries worldwide. There are a number of anti-virus software already available to secure your computer systems and laptops, but that’s really not enough. The same level of security is also required for your mobile phones. It’s because we access our bank accounts, social profiles and more from our smartphones or iPhone. While using such apps or even browsing through the internet, anyone can be a victim of phishing.

Keeping this in mind, Norton offers advanced mobile security for the complete protection of your smartphones and tablets. Key features of Norton Mobile Security are:

• Complete protection against online threats like risky mobile applications
• Single subscription for a number of devices
• Lost and recovery in case of lost or stolen mobile phones
• Keeps your personal information safe and secure
• Scans all mobile apps for a secure browsing and malware protection
• Blocks unwanted calls or text messages

Free or Premium?

Norton mobile security is freemium app.This simply means you can enjoy its basic services at no cost. However, for its advanced security features, you have to subscribe a plan. Norton offers different security plans for Android or iOS phones. Its one-year mobile security plan will give you one year of protection against all malware and viruses.

Using one subscription for multiple devices- Yes, it’s economical!

How about covering all the smartphone or iPhone at your home under one protection plan? Of course, it will save huge money without compromising with the virus protection guarantee. To avail this service, visit Norton official website, sign in (existing users) or register (new users).

System Requirements for Norton Mobile Security

Norton mobile security can be installed on android 4.0.3 or later and iOS 8.0 or later. It will need 50mb of storage space of your device. This security will provide you utmost level of browser support for complete web protection. When you install it on any Android phone or tablet just make sure that the Google play app store is already installed. Please note that some of the Norton mobile security features on Android operating system can be different as that of iOS.

Maria Silvia with her immense experience has written this article. With years of experience in technical writing she stays updated with the newest change in the technology world, only to bring something new in front of her user. Till now she has written on several of topics comprises of Norton Support, Webroot Support, Microsoft Outlook Email, Windows 10 and much more.


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How to Customize Windows Desktop with Widgets & Skins?

Desktop widgets available in earlier versions of Windows were very useful and appreciated by almost all Windows users.Even some feel the need of and want to bring these widgets in Windows 10 also.Concerning above fact, Windows provided a free open source desktop customization tool (though not a widget exactly yet provides either the same or even the better experience) named as Rainmeter that enable the users to add widgets and skins to their desktop.

How to Customize Windows Desktop with Widgets & Skins

Learn the use of Rainmeter for Windows

Rainmeter is one of the most famous user interface customization tool and hence highly concentrated by the folk. The tool uses the basic models of skins to work, these skins either can be created or applied by the users themselves or the users can downloadthe skin created by someone else.Users can also find lots of good skins at internet (online) and more probably without paying for it as the members of the Rainmeter community generally issue their tasks for free of cost.

Users can begin with the customization process as soon as they have done with the download and installation of any skin of their choice. They can lock the position of the skin after placing it anywhere (their preferred location) on the desktop.A weather skin, the hardware status, the time/clock skins and the to-do list are some of the basic skins that one should think about.

A large number of options as well as huge quantity of combinations are available here, that enables you to download various diverse skins along with to utilize various elements of them in collaboration to gain endless possibilities.Among this vast range, a skin can be functional like a Music player or a to-do app or it can straightforward like a weather widget that only displays the weather simply.

The layouts can also be saved and kept for future use, as the various settings and the relative positions of different skins are stored on your desktop by these layouts and these layouts are supported by the Rainmeter tool.

Rainmeter Skinsavailability

To get the latest skins created by a variety of developers, simply move to the ‘Discover’ section of the Rainmeter otherwise the one who wants to make their own skins, can begin as a basic skin is also included here for them.DevianArt, listed as the biggest storage area for the Rainmeterskinsis the place that essentially provides the people with whatever they want.

Skins for your desktop PCs can also be obtained from other available websites. You can also edit a skin according to your preference simply by right clicking on a skin and selecting ‘Edit Skin’ option.Doing this will make visible a new notepad windows in front of you allowing you to view and edit the code for that exact skin easily.

Creation of Rainmeter skins by oneself

Rainmeter is one of the best tools for those want to customize their system themselves and also a good start for the beginners, it provides the one with the complete manual that allow to easily start at developing skins. The specified manual will guide you all the steps starting from the basics to all the complex concepts of Rainmeter. Additionally, it includes tutorials in case of publishing one’s skin on DevianArt and other similar websites as a package.Hence, everything is provided to you in front of you but the only thing that you have to do is install a good text editor Rainmeter on your system.

As mentioned above, Rainmeter is one of the most famous user interface desktop customization tool and is supported by a large number of active community.There are a large number of fans that makes their desktops more attractive by working on a number of skins. This is the admirable starting tool for the designers or those are interested in the user interface designing and development.

Maria Silvia is the writer here. Finding and making available the new and distinct ideas, information on technical topics to its users is her passion, clarifying the words our website used for her that she is a passionate learners as well as writer. Also, she is a confident technical and professional writer and writes articles on various technical topics that prove to be attractive as well as useful for the readers. She has been working for our website and has written on topics such as support for Windows 10, Windows 8 support, Windows 7 support, etc.